Workshop 07.11.2019:
Validation and Testing of
Trained AI Methods

As one of its regular activities, the Tech Center a-drive organises workshops on focus topics in the domain of automated driving. This year’s workshop will bring together two of the most discussed topics currently:

AI and validation and testing

The recent advances in AI methods pave the way for a broad application of AI methods in automated driving. This raises the question of how such systems will be validated and tested to ensure their proper fit and overall safety in future systems. For this year’s workshop we will have again a mix of overview, hands-on and in depth presentations, bringing together international experts to discuss with you different approaches and needs for validation and testing of trained networks.

  • Quality, Labeling and Deep Learning
  • Responsibility-Sensitive Safety
  • KI Absicherung
  • Scene data
  • Test metrics and methods for neuronal networks

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